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Entrance doors dictionary

From C for Claw bolt to U for U-Value – all the entrance doors terminology explained in simple terms.


Claw bolt

Claw bolts are additional locking points within a door locking system. The more locking points it offers, the better the front door is protected against break-in attempts. The security range from Schüco comprises locks with single, 3-point and 5-point locking. With 3-point locking, the front door is secured by means of an additional claw bolt above and below the main bolt.


Energy saving regulations

Anyone planning a newbuild, extension, expansion or modernisation of a building must take into account the valid energy saving regulations (EnEV). EnEV 2009 currently applies, but Germany is planning an amendment to implement the European guidelines for energy efficient buildings from 2010. This will only allow passive house and zero energy newbuilds from 2021. The amendment to EnEV planned for 2012 has been pushed back until the first half of 2013.



With the fingerprint reader, Schueco offers a biometric system integrated in the door profile that provides secure protection against unwanted visitors. The door can only be unlocked by means of fingerprint identification.  This method offers the highest possible level of protection - there is no chance of unauthorised modification.



Aside from the relevant door infill, the construction of the door frame and leaf frame is key to the quality of the thermal insulation. With front doors from Schueco, both frames consist of state-of-the-art, 3-chamber aluminium profiles. The air in the chambers positioned behind one another forms an insulating barrier between the inside and outside temperature. The thermal insulation value can be further optimised by using different foam cores in the centre profile chamber. The best values are achieved due to the combination of a highly thermally insulated profile system and a closed, highly insulated infill. The super insulation system sets new standards with excellent U values.


Keyless Entry

For greater convenience, Schueco offers keyless opening and closing systems, with which the front door can be opened and closed easily by fingerprint or remote control. With the biometric fingerprint reader system from Schüco, identification is made by scanning the fingerprint. Previously identified users simply pass their finger across the thermal strip and the door automatically unlocks. Alternatively, you can use a transmitter, which allows you to open the front door very easily by pressing a button on the remote control. The radio receiver is concealed in the door frame and therefore very well protected against external influences.


Leaf dimension

The leaf dimension indicates the maximum width and height for the door leaf.

Leaf frame

The "leaf frame" is understood as the frame that can be opened - as opposed to the door frame, which is fixed to the outer wall.

Locking system

The Schueco SafeMatic security locking system automatically triggers multi-point locking whenever the door is locked or closed. This increases burglar resistance.


Profile cylinder

The profile cylinder is a form of locking cylinder and the most commonly used form of security door lock. Select between standard profile cylinders and security profile cylinders with extra burglar-resistant functions. The latter are almost completely tamper-proof and, with extremely effective anti-pull-out and anti-drill protection, are also equipped to withstand violent mechanical interference.


Security class

How effectively a front door protects against attempted break-ins is defined by the security class (WK), which is regulated by European standards. Schueco offers security components for security classes WK 1 to WK 3.


Top door closer

The top door closer ensures that the front door automatically closes again once it has been opened manually. This offers the highest levels of comfort and security. The closing force and speed can be adjusted to suit your individual needs.



The U value specifies the level of heat loss through the door in question. The value is calculated between the inner side and outer side, per square metre and per hour, with a temperature difference between inside and outside of 1° Kelvin. The U value can be determined with a measuring device or calculated in accordance with DIN EN 674.

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