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Conservatories & balconies dictionary

From A for Automation to W for Watertightness – all the conservatory terminology explained in simple terms.



Schueco conservatories can be fitted with a control system, which ensures automatic ventilation and shading during your absence. A sensor checks light, air and temperature relationships and ensures that fans are activated, roof windows are opened or closed, and awnings are rolled up or out. 


See ventilation 



A balcony is a platform to a building, which is above the level of the ground and projects from the building structure. A balcony is surrounded by a spandrel or a balustrade. 


Roof types

The roof type describes the external shape of a roof. The roof type that is used for a newbuild depends on the following factors: location, cost-effectiveness, development plan, neighbouring buildings, building geometry or architectural reasons. 


Self-cleaning glass

To be exact, this is glass with self-cleaning properties. In contrast to normal glass, the surface behaviour of this glass is changed to make it difficult for dirt to collect on the surface and such that dirt will be washed away as far as possible by rain. This slows down the build-up of dirt and makes cleaning easier. 


Skylights often span larger building sections or inner courtyards. A skylight allows for the ideal level of natural light to penetrate. 

Solar shading glass (thermal insulation)

Solar shading glass is multi-pane insulating glass with special solar shading properties. It reduces light penetration and is also used as thermal insulation. A distinction is made between absorbent glass and reflective glass. 

Absorbent glass is usually tinted (bronze, green or grey). It absorbs the thermal radiation from the sun and emits it in part to the interior room. Reflective glass is fitted with a metallic vapour plate (gold, silver, bronze) in the space between the panes and reflects the thermal radiation.

Insulating glass with an integrated photovoltaic module for supplying solar power, solar shading foils or aluminium louvre blades in the space between the panes serves as solar shading, screening and anti-glare protection, which can be operated without an external power supply. 


Thermal insulation

Energy losses through old windows and doors can now be stopped easily. Thanks to their thermal insulation properties, future-proof window systems meet the requirements for energy saving and increased environmental protection. Insulating glass, gasket systems and multi-chamber frames form an effective unit.

See solar shading 


A toplight is a window opening in the ceiling. It allows natural light into an inner room. It is limited to this function. it is not intended to provide a view of the surroundings.

When windows are replaced, the toplights should be designed as moveable, otherwise there is a risk of accident when cleaning. A toplight can either be operated normally with handles, using a crank-operated drive or electrically. 


Unheated conservatory

An unheated conservatory is not fitted with a heating system or insulation. It is used much more for protection against wind and rain. However, it is also suitable to help plants survive the winter. 



Ventilation involves the exchange of air in closed rooms. Modern building construction makes building envelopes almost airtight. This is why exhaled carbon dioxide odours and pollutants as well as air humidity that are released within the home need to be extracted by means of ventilation units (windows, toplights, air conditioning units etc.). 


Weather sensors

Weather sensors are various measuring instruments that are used to control window systems depending on the weather conditions. The most important sensors are wind gauges, precipitation meters and thermometers.

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