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Design Support

Design Support: The best expect the best

  • Schueco offers the widest range of façade solutions. Our objective is to provide maximum design flexibility without compromise
  • Expert design support every step of the way allied to value-engineered solutions allow the original design intent to be fully met
  • Schueco also offers bespoke system solutions on proven design criteria
  • Design Support is provided by our Project Office based in Milton Keynes backed up by Schueco’s Consulting International Projects Team based in London
  • Schueco UK is a leader in the latest technology such as BIM. It also provides advanced software such as SchüCal that links directly to state-of-the-art automated machinery


  • Schueco is fully committed to the BIM initiative which is streamlining and improving the overall efficiency of UK construction
  • Schueco UK launched the UK’s first library of BIM-enabled aluminium fenestration objects in October 2012. We followed this with new generation SchuCal software that includes Family files for BIM usage
  • New Revit families are constantly being developed to reflect Schueco’s ever-evolving range of system solutions

Schueco Partner Network Support

Schueco Partner Network Support: Completing projects to the highest standards

  • As a global company with a global customer base, Schueco offers a specialist contractor network and support that is second to none
  • Here in the UK, the national network of highly trained, highly professional specialist contractors that Schueco UK has built up over the years have been key to our success
  • It is the largest network of specialist contractors in the UK and its members are skilled in the design, fabrication and installation of Schueco systems

Comprehensive Training

  • Schueco systems are proven to perform providing they are designed, fabricated and installed in line with Schueco’s recommendations
  • Quality training helps mitigate risk for all. At Schueco UK we pride ourselves in the quality of our market-leading training
  • The Schueco Training Academy offers a large number of courses covering fabrication, installation and design. On average we train over 1,000 delegates per year

We would recommend that relevant training is extended to personnel from the client who have site-supervision responsibility

All our training information is accessible online at www.schuecouktraining.com

Technical Engineer Support

  • Schueco UK offers clients a level of support through our Technical Engineers that is unrivalled by any competing company
  • We have a team of dedicated Technical Engineers who are all field based and experts in the fabrication and installation of Schueco systems
  • Following each visit, a comprehensive report is issued detailing any corrective action. This is followed up at subsequent visits and progress is monitored and reported upon

System Performance

  • To support specialist contractor warranties, all Schueco systems are 3rd party tested to the latest standards and proven insitu to perform
  • Schueco systems have a uniquely successful track record stretching back over 30 years in the UK as a whole
  • Schueco is the preferred system for the majority of UK façade consultants
  • In addition, Schueco UK offers the following:
  • 3rd party test certification, proving system performance
  • up to 25 years coating warranties for powder coating and anodised finishes*
  • Life expectancy documents
  • Immediate technical engineer support on site when required
  • Large project portfolio of proven success

*NB with the regulatory requirements for chrome-free pre-treated coatings from September 2017, industry warranty periods will be reviewed.


Innovations: Keeping ahead of the rest

A key part of Schueco’s business philosophy centres on innovation.

Never satisfied with the status quo, our designers work with architects to maximise client satisfaction through tailored solutions that are ever more closely aligned with their particular needs.

As an example, in recent years, we have concentrated on:

  • Improving levels of insulation even further (we now have a range of window, door and façade systems that have Passive House certification), while reducing the face widths of mullions and transoms to provide maximum transparency
  • Enhancing the visual appeal of our sliding door systems by decreasing stile widths and concealing the outer frames in the walls
  • Widening the choice of threshold heights to include a totally flush version, while still ensuring their absolute weather-tightness
  • Investing in the latest door control technology to improve convenience in use and building security for customers of our clients. Our range of Door Control Systems is now uniquely comprehensive
  • Working towards the development of truly sustainable buildings through the increased use of natural materials that lead to greater energy efficiency