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Alpha Rotex

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

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Building category
Office and Business
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Jo. Franzke Architekten
Sommer Fassadensysteme - Stahlbau - Sicherheitstechnik, Metallbau Forster GmbH & Co. KG
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Jean-Luc Valentin


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Project description

Completed in July 2013 and awarded the LEED Gold certificate for sustainability in March 2014, a number of superlatives are needed to describe the “Alpha Rotex” at Frankfurt Airport. At 68 metres, it is the tallest office building in the new 35-hectare “Gateway Gardens” development at Frankfurt Airport City and thus the landmark of the area. The property, which has been predominantly let to DB Schenker, was realised in a construction period of just 18 months and handed over to the main tenant in the summer of 2013. The building has a floor plan based on a triangle with rounded corners. The offices – in total there are 23,000 m2 available for letting – are orientated around a central, open access core. This is visually linked to the eight storey-high foyer as well as the five staggered, 30 metre-high conservatories, which allow natural light into the interior of the building and invite the user to linger. Outside, the atria take the form of “recesses” in the horizontally divided glass and aluminium façade. Ribbon windows made from 2.50 metre-wide, twin-skin glazed box windows alternate with light spandrel panels clad in sheet aluminium.


Alpha Rotex
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