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School District Administrative Building

Munich, Germany

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Office and Business
Munich, Germany
Kupferschmidt Architekten
Wölz Stahl- & Metallbau GmbH & Co.KG


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After the railway near the main train station was privatized, high-quality inner city building areas were created. In 2010, the administrative building for the school district of the Bavarian capital, Munich, was erected on a property south of the railway tracks. Covering some 14,500 m², it closes the gap between the administrative court building, the Ämterzentrum on Bayerstrasse, and the railway tracks. All seven floors of the more than 200 meterslong building house 2,25-meters-wide offices. As the client did not want the homogenous usage of the buildings to be visible from the outside, Kupferschmidt Architects used vertical, colored aluminum panels. The façade panels, each of which extend across two stories, are divided into different color codes. Heavy, dark anthracite and green hues are used to a greater extent in the lower area, while light colors, such as white and yellow, dominate above. The building’s support grid is around 8 meters. This grid is not visible from the outside. Narrow and wide powder-coated façade panels alternate independently of the support grid, loosening up the appearance of the façade. The window units behind the colored panels, a Schüco special construction, are in a discreet dark gray. To counteract the massive, hight of the building, architects form the Kupferschmidt office combined pairs of floors in their façade design and visually divided the large façade into three main stories. These stories are separated from one aonther by anthracite and white horizontal ribbons running across the entire length of the building. In the attic floor, two volumes that are clearly set back are connected via an extensive terrace.


School District Administrative Building
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