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Munich City Tower MCT

Munich, Germany

Short information

Building category
Office and Business
Windows, Doors, Façades, Security
ADS 80 FR 30
Munich, Germany
Heinz Musil
ARGE Heidersberger + Scheffer + Feldhaus


Project details

Object description

The only high-rise within the „Mittlerer Ring“ triggered fierce debate in the city. While the 23-story Central Tower is only 85 m high, with its 30-meter-high roof antenna it rises above the Frauenkirche in Munich, whose 100 meters marks the limit to how tall buildings can be in the city center. The building ensemble, which was erected right at the Donnersberger Bridge traffic junction, includes apart, from the tower, a five-story flat building, the so-called Basilica or “Central Plaza.” While the tower primarily houses offices, there is retail and restaurant space in the ground floor of Central Plaza. The cylindrical tower, which has a total area of 12,000 m², is entered via a central twostory lobby. Four high-performance elevators vertically link the 21 office floors, each with an area of 554 m². The stories can be used as open-plan, combination or individual offices, depending on the wishes of users. All of the office spaces are equipped with individually adjustable cooling ceilings. While the tower’s lobby features a mullion and transom façade extending up to the second floor, Musil architects incorporated a unitized double façade in the design of the actual tower. The floor-to-ceiling Schüco window units can be opened even on the upper floors, providing natural ventilation. An electrically operated, individually controllable solar shading system was integrated in the Central Tower’s double façade. The Central Plaza in the low building was planned with a Schüco mullion and transom construction as well as continuous ribbon windows on the east and west sides of the upper stories. The continuous aprons are clad with natural granite plates. Towards Landsberger Strasse, the façade is constructed from the second floor as an arched mullion and transome façade. A arched roof protrudes above the set-back upper story.


Munich City Tower MCT
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