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Flame Towers

Baku, Azerbaijan

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Building category
Office and Business, Living
Windows, Façades
AWS 102.NI
Baku, Azerbaijan
Dekoral & Aygün Konsorsiyumu


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Object description

The state of Azerbaijan, which has been independent since 1991, has a wealth of crude oil and natural gas reserves and is therefore a major exporter of these resources. This position of dominance is symbolised by the three Flame Towers in Baku, the capital city of the country on the Caspian Sea. Visible for miles around, the three skyscrapers soar above the town centre and harbour like flickering flames. The tower positioned to the south, the tallest of the three, has 39 storeys and houses 130 luxury apartments, with spectacular views of the land and sea guaranteed. Positioned to the north is the 36 storey hotel tower of the Canadian operator Fairmont. The office tower, comprising more than 33,000 m² of prime real estate, is situated to the west of the complex. All three structures “stand” on a single base, which accommodates a shopping and service centre open to both visitors and users of the buildings. A pre-fabricated modular panel façade was used for the glass, amorphous-shaped building envelopes, which enabled quick installation on site.

Site plan