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Yale Sculpture Building

New Haven, Connecticut, United States

Short information

Building category
Education and Culture
Windows, Façades, Sun shading
AWS 65, FW 60+.HI, Hohllamelle ALB passive
New Haven, Connecticut, United States
Kieran Timberlake
Massey's Plate Glass & Aluminum


Project details

Object description

The New Sculpture Building has revitalized a waste area at the edge of the campus. The façades are specifically designed to react to New Haven’s changing seasons. An efficient ventilation system, triple-glazing windows and sun louvers on the southern and eastern sides of the building protect the interior from overheating. Mounted behind the glass façades at ceiling and balustrade height, translucent panels filled with Nanogel trap the heat while simultaneously letting in the light. The thermal characteristics of the panels – especially the hollow space between the panel and the insulated glass – were tested and optimized in various studies prior to installation. The New Sculpture Building’s exemplary ecological concept has already earned it a platinum LEED certificate, the highest category of America’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design awards; it is the first building in Connecticut to receive
this accolade.


Yale Sculpture Building
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