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Residential and Office Building

Munich, Germany

Short information

Building category
Office and Business, Living
Windows, Façades
AWS 75 BS.HI, FW 50+.HI
Munich, Germany
Vahjen + Partner
Obermaier Metallbau GmbH


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Object description

An extension of Ludwigstrasse, Leopoldstrasse is one of Munich’s largest axes. Lined with poplars, it has many stores, boutiques, and cafés, inviting people to take a stroll and shop. It is the hub of the trendy Munich district of Schwabing. Building number 41 was conceived as a freestanding structure with two parts: a five-story front building and a upwardly staggered rear building. The ground floor, which is oriented to Lepoldstrasse, houses branches of a clothing chain and a supermarket. The supermarket continues in the basement, and the clothing chain extends to the first floor. The upper floors accommodate offices and a flat. The attic is reserved for residences and offices. Among other things, the rear building contains conference rooms, open to the garden side via large windows, so-called pavilions. The residential and office building is generously glazed and strongly characterized by the retail spaces behind it. Fixed glazed show windows, revolving doors, a two-winged horizontal sliding wall, and a portal system are included in the transom and mullion façade. The ground floor façade is clad in stone with a cornice termination to the upper stories. The façade axes of the ground floor were transferred to the first floor, but the openings there are more compartmentalized. On the second and third floors, the façade is adapted to office usage. The window units, arranged in pairs with a parapet transom, parapet bar and structural sealant glazing in the spandrel area were planned in the upper area with turn and tilt vents, which are executed with the narrowest profiles. All façade profiles are uniform in iron mica DB 701.