Villa Melstokke, Norway

A cut above the rest

The narrow plot of land is filled with trees, grass and rocks. Rather than literally break up this impressive landscape, Villa Melstokke was built on a split base overhanging the rocky terrain below. The V-shaped steel construction allows the house to blend in almost effortlessly with its surroundings.

Interview with Wilhelmsen Arkitektur:

Was it clear from the beginning that the foundations of this building would be on stilts?

During our first visit it was evident that the rocky surface was too small for a house if we wanted to maintain the rock formation that rises from the shoreline. I therefore wanted a building that flowed around the stones. And, in order to hold this weight, a split base of a V shape made from steel was used and attached to the rocky outcrop.

The architectural concept in a nutshell:

With Villa Melstokke, it was important to maintain the landscape and terrain. The plot of land is also very narrow and has the morning sun on its eastern side and the evening sun on its west side. The kitchen is the heart of the home with one terrace for the easterly morning sun and another for the westerly evening sun. Both terraces have two angled walls which provide protection from the wind, regardless of whether it is coming from the north-west or south-west. This makes it possible to follow the sun all day long.

What is the most spectacular view from the inside?

The interior really comes into its own on a stormy day, when you can watch the natural forces at play over the fjord directly from the window.

How happy are you with the Schüco sliding systems you installed?

The slimline, elegant sliding doors in the façade offer the perfect experience of nature and landscape in such an exposed location.

Further information

Private home

Melstokke, Norway

Wilhelmsen Arkitektur, Stavanger, Norway

June 2017

Alglass Vindu AS, Haugesund, Norway

Schüco systems:

The villa flows around the stones, allowing the rocky outcrop that rises above the bay and the landscape to be maintained.

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