Poland, Gdynia


A conglomeration of building structures as varied as its surroundings, among natural greens and organised zones. Common to all the parts of the building is the opening to the outside, simultaneously providing views for both all kinds of people. Large-scale glazed fronts with extremely large lift-and-slide units indicate maximum comfort and security.

In conversation with Arch Deco architectural practice:

How closely do the building and landscape interact with each other?
The complex was designed for the hills, to really highlight the sea view. Most important to us was that the building used the natural slope of the plot to protect the absolutely essential private space from the street, while at the same time opening up the interior to provide the best possible view of the bay.

What was your first impression when you saw the plot?
We had to design the house as though it were a lonely white sail against the green background of a hill.

Could you briefly explain the architectural concept?
The core concept was to make the building float, light and transparent. It was broken down into its functional aspects and the resulting masses were offset to disguise the size of the complex and meet all the requirements.

Was the focus on framing the vista, or designing the interior?
I think it's impossible to concentrate on just one thing, it had to be a compromise, an answer to both challenges. The vista is an extension of the interior; the interior gives the inhabitants security and a high-quality space in which to live. We wanted the building to have as much natural light as possible, especially on the southern and western sides, but the best views are on the north side. It was a balancing act we had to master.

What inspired you to create this trilogy of indoor, covered outdoor and open outdoor spaces as a combined architectural piece?
It's meant to be a house for a family, all year round, for all seasons and spectacles of nature. This trilogy of different dimensions helps to blur the boundaries between the exteriors and interiors and create a cohesive space that you simply don't want to leave.

You decided to use Schüco sliding systems. Did that pay off for you?
The sliding door systems allow us to open up the indoor spaces to the breathtaking nature. The air quality in this region is outstanding, so we decided to use sliding doors. The open corner solution was a fantastic idea for the pool house, which can now be opened up to the outside in summer and allows the swimmers to see the bay.


Private residence

Gdynia, Poland

Arch-Deco Sp. z o.o., Gdynia, Poland


Construction phase:
ALU-PLUS Sp. z o.o., Gdańsk, Poland

Schüco systems:
Schüco ASS 77 PD.SI
Schüco ASS 70.HI
Schüco e-slide drive system

The essence of the building evokes a feeling, complexity becomes simplicity. Every step outside across the threshold leads to a view, and in turn to a good feeling.

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