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Children’s and Adolescent Psychiatric Hospital

Munich, Germany

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Building category
Windows, Façades, Security
AWS 75.SI, FW 60+.HI
Munich, Germany
Staatliches Bauamt München 2
FACO Metallbautechnik GmbH


Project details

Object description

The five-story new building was erected in the vacant area where the east wing of the psychiatric hospital on Nussbaumstrasse formally stood. It is situated in the center of the hospital quarter of Ludwig Maximilians University, which extends behind St. Matthew’s Church from Sendlinger-Tor Platz to Goethestrasse. Due to the high requirements of a children’s and adolescent psychiatric hospital, in the planning architect, Alexander Jobst, from the Munich 2 State Construction Office attached great importance to cooperating with the user. In an area of approximately 2,500 m² there are three wards with a total of 30 beds, an outpatient clinic, ten care facilities, the psychiatric outpatient clinic, different treatment areas, seminar and further training rooms, and the administration. A streetball court and a “treatment garden” were set up in the garden. The new hospital building fits delicately into the historic ensemble of the psychiatric hospital. On the east side, where the main entrance is located, the new building’s perforated façade alludes to the existing architecture. The large windows on the west side open the building to the Kraepelin garden. The comfortably furnished patient rooms oriented to the garden benefit from the tranquility and the large trees. Floor-to-ceiling, movable shading units in 14 different earth tones, on the west and south sides, ensure that the façade is lively and dynamic. The electrically operated solar shading shutters, which are up to four meters high, can be adjusted in three levels in front of the Schüco AWS 75 window units. With these shading units, patients can shade the room behind the windows in accordance with their wishes. The fixed louver blades on the sliding shutters are inclined such that patients have a view of the outside world even when the shutters are closed.


Children’s and Adolescent Psychiatric Hospital
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