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To overview

Via Varesina

Mailand, Italy

Short information

Building category
Office and Business
Windows, Façades, Sun shading
AWS 102.NI, USC 65, Hohllamelle ALB passive
Mailand, Italy
MilanoLayout - Arch. Tortato
Amitti S.r.l.


Project details

Project description

Following the designs of architect Giuseppe Tortato, a multi-purpose centre has been constructed on the site of a former industrial area in north-east Milan. Previously built for the metallurgy sector, the industrial buildings have been supplemented by seven newbuilds, and the area itself has been enhanced with a park-style landscape. The heart of the complex is an eight-storey cube positioned on an artificial hill. Its external appearance is characterised by large interconnected glass fronts that are structured horizontally and based on a hanging construction. Schüco Italia will shortly be moving its Milan headquarters to this new centre. La Forgiatura is in no way a stranger to the company, as the ALB aluminium solar shading system, the Schüco AWS 102.SI and the Schüco USC 65 systems have been installed in the building.


Via Varesina
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