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History Schüco Technology Center

Milestones 1967 - 1973

End 1967

  • The Testing department is set up.


  • Test report No. 1 detailing a window test signals the beginning of systematic documentation of test results.


  • A new site behind the old fittings hall (today the main administration centre) is purchased.


  • Move to the building that is now the test centre, which back then was used as a profile warehouse. The offices were still located in an apartment block in Karolinenstraße.

Milestones 1980 - 2000

1980 - 1994

  • 1994 The old profile hall is given a facelift and the Schüco guides now point to a “Technology Centre”.
  • 1990 The “know-how show” has a real impact on Schüco. The age of rapid prototyping begins with the commissioning of a SLA-250 stereolithographic system.
  • 1988 Construction and commissioning of the ballistics test rig.
  • 1986 The introduction of the first robot ushers in the robotic age.
  • 1980 Construction and commissioning of the first façade test rig and the start of testing for national and international projects.

October 1999 - May 2000

  • 29.05.2000 Approval of new/conversion work on the Technology Centre, the façade test rig and the acoustics test rig. Start of project TZ2001.
  • October 1999 Genehmigung der Neu- und Umbaumaßnahmen für das Technologiezentrum, den Fassadenprüfstand und den Schallmeßprüfstand. Beginn des Projektes TZ2001.


  • Foundations laid for the new Technology Center development.

Milestones since 2000

2000 - 2001

  • June 2001 Completion of the building work.
  • May 2001 Move to the new offices.
  • April 2001 Purchase of new laboratory space for material and environmental simulation tests.
  • February 2001 Samples workshop moved to the new site.
  • Start of building conversion work to create the existing Technology Centre.
  • December 2000 Completion of building work on the new “Technology Centre” project, façade test rig and acoustics test rig building shell.


  • Accreditation under the terms of DIN/EN/ISO/IEC 17025 as a worlwide accepted test lab


  • Reaccreditation Schüco-Technolgy-Center

May 2012

  • The "new" technology Centre starts its work

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