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TÜV Süd Office Building

Munich, Germany

Short information

Building category
Office and Business
Windows, Façades
AWS 75 BS.HI, FW 50+.HI
Munich, Germany
Lanz Architekten + Generalplaner
RSB Rudolstädter Systembau GmbH


Project details

Object description

The 19th-century forerunner of TÜV Süd was called the Bayerischer Dampfkessel-Revisions-Verein (Bavarian Boiler Inspection Association). It even received royal recognition in 1874 and was housed in a representative villa in the Schwabing district of Munich. After the end of the Second World War, all existing associations – including the inspection association renamed the Technical Monitoring Association (TÜV Süd) – were disbanded by the Allies. In 1947, TÜV was refounded in Bavaria. From 2004 to 2009, two new office buildings were constructed in the yard of the villa that housed the former inspection association. The ensemble consists of two three-story buildings, at Kaiserstrasse 14a and 14b. Munich-based Lanz architects oriented the height and volume to the surrounding buildings. The building edges resulted from maximum utilization of the clearance areas. The structure was designed so compactly that a large portion of the old tree population could be preserved. Due to their clear, restrained architectural language, the façades of the new TÜV building fit elegantly with the surrounding old buildings. Discreet gray window profiles were chosen for the Schüco transom and mullion façade. The smaller cube stands out from the larger one due to its white-plastered perforated façade with narrow vertical window openings. While the window slots of the white cube at Kaiserstrasse 14a are aligned above one another on all three stories, the architects played with different vertical window formats for the building at 14b. The opening vents of the all-glass façade were not inserted regularly here, but in a different position on each floor, giving the façade a lively and playful appearance. Horizontally, the façade is structured by gray aluminum cladding.


TÜV Süd Office Building
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