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Ibis Hotel

Munich, Germany

Short information

Building category
Windows, Doors, Façades, Security
AWS 75.SI, FW 50+.HI
Munich, Germany
Dipl.-Ing. arch. Jürgen Stark
Stema Fenstersysteme GmbH


Project details

Object description

The IBIS Group, a company in the Accor Hotel Assocation, operates more than 850 hotels worldwide in its franchise system, including several in Munich. Located at the Westendstrasse subway station in the Laim district less than 4 kilometers west of the city center, the IBIS Hotel is easy to reach by car or public transportation. The hotel, which opened in 2009, has 208 rooms. There is a large restaurant on the ground floor whose terrace is embedded in a Japanese garden. The four-story main building, whose front extends along Westendstrasse, speaks a clear, calm architectural language. The elevated upper floors of the simple building are combined by means of a circular frame of light-gray plaster, in which the slightly recessed façade, composed of fiber cement plates and anthracite-colored window units in the Schüco AWS 75.SI series was fitted. On the ground floor, which was designed as a basement on Westendstrasse, the Schüco façade affords a view of the entrance area through the ample glazing. In the modern lobby, chairs and lamps in the IBIS company color, red, set colorful accents. The restaurant, equipped with Schüco allglass units, opens on to a courtyard with greenery. The corporate design color of IBIS hotels – red – is also found in the façade. Towards Westendstrasse, Stark Architects inserted high-format, backlit, red glass plates in the fiber cement plates. On account of the different formats and color nuances of the glass plates, the architects achieved a tension-filled, discreetly structured façade which implements the corporate design guidelines in a restrained way. On the courtyard side, the IBIS hotel has a perforated façade on the room floors with square window openings. Here, too, accents are added in red.