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Forum Bogenhausen

Munich, Germany

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Office and Business
Munich, Germany
WEP Effinger Partner Architekten BDA
Beaujean Fassadentechnik GmbH


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Richard-Strauss-Strasse in Munich-Bogenhausen was a very heavily trafficked section of the „Mittlerer Ring“ until the tunnel was completed in 2009. In 2010, Richard-Strauß-Strasse was transformed into a small road with only one lane in each direction. The Forum Bogenhausen, which is situated to the right of the street outside of town, was designed by Claus Winkler and Edwin Effinger, who later founded the WEP Effinger Partner architectural office. A twelve-story high-rise, a two-story parking garage, and a seven-story longitudinal building with an addition from 1980 are grouped around an courtyard. After Siemens AG decided to reduce its site on Richard-Strauss-Strasse, the property owners had to find alternative use for it. Based on studies, a mixture of usages seemed to be the best solution. Today, retail chains, service companies, and a day-care center moved in. Arcades were built in the basement leading from the surrounding streets, Richard-Strauss- and Denninger Strasse, to the central courtyard. The upper stories are reserved for office space, while half of the space of the high-rise has been rented to an internationally operative patent law firm. The refurbishment of the longitudinal building was carried out in line with the requirements of the main tenant, a bank. The building substance of the Forum Bogenhausen was also revitalized. The high-rise was provided with a double-shell Schüco special construction with integrated solar shading, which gives the complex a modern, contemporary look. The building’s technology was also modernized. Cooling ceilings were inserted and adjustable ventilation and air-conditioning technology was installed in accordance with the needs of the tenant.


Forum Bogenhausen
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