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Schüco SmartActive

Innovative solution for hygiene-sensitive areas of buildings.

Hygiene requirements continue to increase, especially in areas such as hospitals, care homes, kindergartens and public buildings. Particularly with a view to multi-resistant germs, which no longer respond to conventional treatment with medication.

Schüco has reacted to this with the development of the first window system with an antimicrobial surface finish. The antimicrobial surface SmartActive can be tailored and applied to the window system accordingly, whether just for the handles as the primary contact surfaces or also for the inside of the entire frame construction.

To this end, the Schüco handle range is available in anodised, stainless steel, stainless steel look and powder coated surface finishes. Antimicrobial profile surface finishes are carried out exclusively with powder coatings.

The concept can be applied to all current Schüco AWS window systems. Their system properties are retained in the process and enhanced with the addition of the antimicrobial effectiveness.

The window units coated in this way offer great design freedom due to the wide choice of colours. The feasibility of a particular colour is checked individually for each project.

The antimicrobial effect is achieved through particles of microsilver that are incorporated in the surface. Germs that come into contact with the surface die off – and they are also efficiently prevented from reproducing. The microsilver used by Schüco is guaranteed to be nano free and consequently cannot penetrate the human skin.


  • Selected range of Schüco handles available with antimicrobial properties
  • Possible handle surface finishes: anodised, stainless steel, stainless steel look and powder coated
  • Profile surface finishes (inside) for Schüco windows AWS: wide range of powder coatings possible


  • Long-lasting antimicrobial protection
  • A reduction in germs of at least 99.9 % within 24 hours (if used correctly)
  • Effective against multi-resistant bacteria
  • Antimicrobiological efficacy is microbiologically verifiable
  • Use of nano-free microsilver: no absorption possible via human skin