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Integralmaster - Innovative sun shading and anti-glare protection

Fully concealed sun shading, glare protection and screening integrated in the glazing beads or façade transom

The Schüco Integralmaster is an internal roller blind system without bulky cassettes or lateral guides. The roller blind cassette and glass retention bead, as well as the lateral guide and glass retention bead, are one component in each case – conventional roller blind systems consist of four components. This means that the Schüco Integralmaster is fully integrated and virtually fully concealed when installed in the window. Sun shading, glare protection and screening are combined effectively by means of different film blinds.

The roller blind system can be operated mechanically or electrically irrespective of the wind or weather conditions.

The electrical option for the Schüco Integralmaster is operated using a 24 V DC SMI motor. The blind moves from bottom to top or from top to bottom. This means that optimum use of the light conditions can be achieved while also reducing the glare.

The manual option for the Schüco Integralmaster is operated using a chain hoist. The blind moves from top to bottom and is installed in the corresponding glazing bead. This design is particularly simple and is also suitable for retrofitting or the refurbishment of older window systems.

The Schüco Integralmaster meets all national and EU guidelines on glare protection for workstations. With its special construction and twin function of glare protection and sun shading, the Integralmaster offers a reduction in glare of up to 97%, a reduction in energy irradiation of up to 85% and improved thermal insulation.

The Integralmaster roller blind system can be operated mechanically with a chain or electrically.

  • The interior design of the building is not compromised by retrofitted blinds or other systems
  • Optimised, virtually concealed integration in Schüco window and façade systems
  • Greater design freedom with window areas. If external sun shading cannot satisfy the required specifications of the German energy-saving regulations (EnEV), the developer needs to make the window areas smaller as a result. The combination of both systems, external sun shading and Schüco Integralmaster, can easily meet the EnEV specifications, even in extreme situations.
  • Reduction of glare by up to 97 %
  • Minimal planning
  • Concealed lateral guide in the vertical glazing bead prevents light entering from the sides
  • Various materials can be used (films, textiles)
  • View to the outside maintained or the sun shading system also offers screening, depending on the material selected
  • Roller blinds are fully operational with the window open


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