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Schüco FireStop ADS 90 FR 30 fire protection system

Fire-resistant aluminium construction from the FireStop range with 30 minutes of fire resistance for high flexibility and minimised complexity

The innovative, 3-chamber open rebate profile geometry with a basic depth of 90 mm enables flexibility when there are changes in application while the building is in use. The subsequent addition of cables for providing electricity to the doors or a change in the lock technology, e.g. from single-point locking to multi-point locking, is possible without great effort. In this way, in conjunction with other adjustments, a fire door can be upgraded with burglar-resistant components, for example.

New horizons are opened up in terms of design thanks to very narrow profile widths for aluminium fire doors with a face width of just 127 mm, as well as an expansion of the system sizes to include clear opening dimensions of up to 1500 mm in width and 3100 mm in height. These are benefits which offer added comfort, for example when using the doors in hospitals.

A further Schüco development is that, for the first time, doors have been tested without the use of locks (observe country-specific approvals). The benefits of not having a lock are clear. The doors can be accessed freely at all times – a convenience which users of internal doors subjected to heavy use in particular have come to really appreciate. They can also be used in conjunction with side-hung door drives. This means that electric strikes are not required.

A key additional benefit of the system is its efficiency. The door units are impressive due to the high degree of prefabrication in the workshop and efficient installation. This ensures simple, fast and secure installation in the project on-site.

Sound reduction with doors certified up to 42 dB and fixed glazing up to 45 dB.

Concealed fittings offer architects and users new design options.

  • Narrowest face widths from 127 mm
  • Concealed fittings: attractive combination of fire protection and design can be achieved
  • New dimensions in terms of size and transparency: Door types with clear opening dimensions of up to 1500 mm x 3100 mm, tested fixed glazing with glass sizes of up to 1500 mm x 3000 mm
  • Freely accessible door types without the use of lock technology (note country-specific approvals)
  • Fixed glazing up to total height of 5000 mm also possible in combination with doors
  • Simple and flexible changes of application while the building is still in use, e.g. switching from single to multi-point locking or subsequent installation of electric strikes
  • Glass dimensions up to 1500 mm x 3000 mm tested and approved in portrait and landscape format
  • Doors can be designed with frame extensions up to a size of 3390 mm x 3284 mm


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