Smart Building begins with the intelligent building envelope. Schüco Automation Solutions

Smart Door

Intelligent door management for more comfort and safety.

Schüco Door Control System (DCS)

The Schüco Door Control System combines door communication, access control and emergency exit control with the strictest design requirements. The system has a high-quality surface made of black glass and thus offers a unique, timeless design. The freely combinable modules can be built into a separate profile in addition to the outer frame or into the door leaf. They may also be installed in the wall next to the door.

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Schüco BlueCon

The entrance door goes smart
The Schüco BlueCon module, the Bluetooth unit for entrance doors, makes life simpler. The door lock is very easy to control at the touch of a button via an app on a smartphone. Using the auto-unlock function, the door opens by itself even when the smartphone is in a pocket. The connection between lock and smartphone is established in a matter of seconds via Bluetooth. And the design of the entrance door is not compromised, as the BlueCon module is concealed and almost invisible in the door rebate on the inside. This also protects it against environmental factors such as rain or storms.

Schüco DCS SmartTouch

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The new intelligent door management system DCS SmartTouch from Schüco combines professional audio/video door communication with convenient and secure access control, as well as a camera, door bell and brightness sensor in just one module.


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The smart additional component DoorProtectprotects the connection to the electronic lock and can be used in all scenarios in which the door is controlled by an electronic lock.


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NetProtect protects the network connection and can be used in all scenarios  in which a LAN connection between DCS SmartTouch and router is used.

Smart Window

Intelligent windows offer more than a good view.

Schüco TipTronic SimplySmart

Schüco TipTronic SimplySmart sets new standards for concealed actuator technology. The system combines the aspects of energy management, building automation and security. At the same time, TipTronic SimplySmart sets new standards through puristic design and offers further innovations such as maximised opening widths. Thanks to individual operation using a handle, wall-mounted switch or mobile devices, the system can fulfil almost any requirement.

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"Alexa, open the window"

Smart and comfortable
With the smart and convenient automation solutions from Schüco, such as TipTronic SimplySmart, you can control your windows simply by Alexa voice command thanks to the smart home connection. 

Smart Air

Healthy air in every room.

Intelligent air quality assurance throughout the building.

Schüco Ventotherm Twist

Lüften mit Wärmerückgewinnung
With VentoTherm Twist, Schüco offers an efficient system solution for decentralised ventilation: ventilation integrated in the window with heat recovery – controlled air exchange without opening the window. This ensures the most efficient use of energy and the best possible room climate and air quality.

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Schüco VentoFrame Asonic

Window-integrated ventilation system with high sound reduction for a healthy indoor climate
Modern building planning places great value on an optimal working and living environment. This means that a supply of fresh air, to retain the value of the property and protect the building fabric for the long term, is just as crucial for a comfortable atmosphere in the room as sound reduction.
However, in many buildings and facilities regulated air flow and effective sound reduction cannot be simultaneously guaranteed: open windows may let in fresh air, but also disturbing noise from outside.
The decentralised ventilation system Schüco VentoFrame Asonic, which can be scaled in nine stages, offers solutions with high sound reduction to meet requirements. The window ventilator allows fully automatic air circulation in buildings without draughts and disturbing outside noise through open windows.

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Automatic air purification and fresh air supply
Schüco VentoLife is an air purification device with a multistage filter which removes from the air up to 99.5% of substances and particles that are hazardous to health. Schüco VentoLife is suitable for residential and office buildings and can be integrated not only in the Schüco AWS 50 to AWS 75 SI+ series including AWS BS.SI+, but also in Schüco FWS façade systems.

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Schüco Building Skin Control (BSC)

Intelligent networking of Schüco automation products and integration into building management systems
With the Building Skin Control (BSC) system platform, Schüco is offering a building automation solution which allows automation components from Schüco to be intelligently networked with one another. It can also be easily connected to standardised building management systems.

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