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Mario Bottas "Steinblume" to Monte Generoso

Monte Generoso, Switzerland

Short information

Building category
Education and Culture
Windows, Doors, Security
AWS 75.SI, ADS 75.SI
Monte Generoso, Switzerland
Mario Botta Architetti
Regazzi SA
Picture credit
Studio Fotografico Enrico Cano


Project details

Project description

In a breathtaking location on a plateau at 1600 metres above sea level, Mario Botta built his »stone flower«. The mountaintop restaurant with an octagonal floor plan is impressive not just because of its location but also because of the unusual shape of the building envelope, which has open and closed segments that are reminiscent of blooming flower petals. The large vertical glazing was a particular challenge. Not only did it have to withstand extreme wind and snow loads in this exposed location, for logistical reasons it was also bound to the dimensions of the rack railway. The load-bearing structure made of heavy-duty steel profiles is a solution specific to this project and was designed to be very slimline and highly thermally insulated. A comprehensive fire protection concept rounds off the technical requirements of the project.


Mario Bottas "Steinblume" to Monte Generoso
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