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  4. Centro de Alto Redimento de Remo do Pocinho
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Centro de Alto Redimento de Remo do Pocinho

Pocinho, Portugal

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Windows, Façades, Security
AWS 60, AWS 57 RO, FW 50+
Pocinho, Portugal
Paula Teles
Paula Teles
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The village of Pocinho in northern Portugal on the Douro river is well-known for its water sports. Situated within one of the oldest wine-producing regions, the reservoir of the Barragem do Pocinho dam quite recently became a popular training destination for rowing teams even from outside Portugal. This newly discovered gem led to the construction of a new Olympic high-performance centre for rowing. An impressive piece of architecture, despite the small budget, now snakes its way across the hills of Pocinho. The section of the building which is above the ground is one storey throughout and houses communal and workout rooms. It consists of a string of white building structures which either trace the terraced landscape or sit parallel to the hillside. Accommodating up to 130 athletes, the residential rooms are dug into the slope in a staggered arrangement and lit by Schüco AWS 75 RO roof windows. To harness the best possible vistas of the valley and lake, the architects selected the fully-glazed façades of the Schüco FW 50+ system with AWS 60 windows.

The high-performance centre for rowing is built into the terraced hillside in Pocinho on the Douro river in northern Portugal. While the residential rooms are dug into the slope, the section above ground with communal and workout rooms stands out markedly from its surroundings as a string of slender, single-storey, white building structures.