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Intelligent Functionality

Whether it’s integrated solar shading, decentralised ventilation, automated windows or attractive façade lighting, networked building technologies are en vogue, and Schüco has intelligent and sustainable solutions to offer. In this topic studio, we will show you the ease with which these efficient technologies can be integrated into the building envelope.

Matthias Fuchs - Architect ISRI Isringhausen Lemgo /GER

Technology for all

The increasing automation of building components means, it is now necessary to convince all user groups of the ease of use of these technologies.

PROFILE: Will we hear even more about the topic of intelligent funcionality in future?
Matthias Fuchs: Yes, certainly.
PROFILE: In your opinion, where is there still potential for development?
Matthias Fuchs:Young people are practically growing up with the iPad and are used to using this technology. But the older generation in particular is still struggling with just a touch panel. Perhaps two ways should be highlighted in future and an additional menu developed, for example, so that every age group gets along with this technology.
PROFILE: Will the classic architect disappear as part of digitalisation or automation?
Matthias Fuchs: No. Because there still has to be somebody to hold the reins and pull everything together.
PROFILE: And will BIM be a useful tool or a must?
Matthias Fuchs: It is often difficult for the lead architect to keep all of those involved on the same page. So it would definitely be an advantage to use a common basis which simplifies coordination.

Marco Amosso - Architect L22, Milan/IT

Tested, guaranteed and from a single source

PROFILE: What is an intelligent façade for you?
Marco Amosso: An intelligent building envelope assumes an intelligent project; so everything begins with the intelligent design. We have been working with Schüco for a long time on developing façade solutions that group the different technical units together into one system. I'm a fan of integrated systems. In the past, however, these were always special solutions, exploring different possibilities. Now Schüco offers marketready products that group together all these options into one system. There are no longer any legal grey areas here. The system has been tested, is guaranteed and everything is from a single source. In my view, the integration of air conditioning and ventilation systems in particular will play a very big role in intelligent façades in the future.

Silvia Branzi - Forth Grünig Architekten Munich /GER

Progress through enlightenment

PROFILE: Do you see energy-saving potential in the use of intelligent, automated ventilation systems?
Silvia Branzi: Yes. But, first of all, I think that awareness of this topic will have to be raised even further among end
users. Many users are simply not yet aware of the performance spectrum of intelligently functioning systems. People are still simply opening the window without thinking about possible energy losses. The more we trust and understand a system, the better it can also function, i.e. yield satisfactory accumulated values.
PROFILE: What is your prediction for the building envelope ofthe future?
Silvia Branzi: In any case, it would be necessary to advance the aspect of energy conservation in the construction of private residences as far as possible, but we are on the right track.

»Automation functions still represent a cost factor to this day, but I think that at some point they will be quite understandable for us.« Bert Tilicke