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BKS Architekten GmbH Krauß Stanczus Schurbohm + Partner, Lübbecke/GER. Steeped in tradition, the Weinrich chocolate factory has been making chocolate in the town of Herford since 1895. The two storey Wilhelminian-style villa has now been extended to include a new office building, which is attached to the villa by means of a glass link. Old and new enter into a dialogue: here the villa façade with small openings, there the smooth office block – here the symmetrically arranged windows with deep reveals, there the large-scale, flush-fitted, offset glass areas. Chocolate-coloured, perforated sheet metal units are used as a defining design element for the cladding of the cantilevered conference room in the glass link building, and form a semi-transparent »chocolate bar« above the shimmering main entrance, which is made from hammered-finish stainless steel sheet metal as an allusion to the chocolate wrapper. Schüco system: AWS 75.SI, FW 50+.SI, ADS 80 FR 30.

Chocolate factory office extension, Weinrich, Herford/GER

Schlicht Lamprecht Architekten, Schweinfurt/GER. Joachim Ingenieure, Schweinfurt,MTZ Metalltechnik Zitzmann GmbH, Schweinfurt/GER. With its rust red façade made from untreated Corten steel, the structure of the new office and warehouse building at the scrap metal processing depot clearly reflects the line of business. The powerful façade, a perforated version of which is also mounted in front of the windows and the inner courtyard that is open at the front, is intended to offer shelter for office operations and communication. At the same time, the rooms in the two-storey newbuild, which has three storeys in part, face inwards towards a narrow inner courtyard that largely consists of walls clad with larch wood. The materials and form of the façade also make reference to the fact that all raw materials and excess metal are recycled and reintroduced to the economic cycle. Schüco systems: AWS 75.SI, FW 50+.SI.

Office and operations building, Schweinfurt/GER

OttenArchitekten GmbH, Otten Dielen Gemmer, Korschenbroich/GER. The new OTTO FUCHS KG laboratory building is a simple cube constructed as a reinforced concrete skeleton, with reinforced concrete walls and masonry infills. This high performance façade makes an impressive architectural statement. Here, the building-integrated photovoltaics have been used extensively and are integrated flush in the Schüco ERC 50 ventilated façade. High-quality window and door systems from the Schüco AWS/ADS 75.SI system family have also been used, with concealed Schüco CTB solar shading in the Schüco FW 50+.SI non-ventilated façade. The new laboratory building at the headquarters of the corporate group OTTO FUCHS KG, which is active in different fields of advanced metal-based technology, provides a proper setting for research, development and material testing. Its modular room design meets the long-term needs of a high-tech supplier and system developer.

Laboratory building OTTO FUCHS, Meinerzhagen/GER

New headquarters expansion of the Kärcher head office in Winnenden/GER

With the expansion of the company headquarters of medium-sized, familyrun Kärcher on the site of a former brickyard, a piece of urban development has become reality. Rather than having a volume that was too big for the site, the space allocation required was separated into three construction parts. These parts integrate into the heterogeneous environ ment as a recognisable ensemble and are connected to the old neighbouring administrative centre by means of a bridge over the separating railway line. A mixture of a strategic master plan – with additional extension options – and a tribute to the original brickworks in terms of material and scale helped the Reichel Schlaier Architekten architectural practice win the architectural design competition in 2012.
Three simple building structures are grouped around a central area which can also be used for events. The most succinct component is the four-storey office building with 700 workstations. The office spaces in the rectangular structure are arranged around a green internal courtyard with storey-height glazing which is fitted with external solar shading in the company colour yellow. To foster communication and short routes between areas, a diagonal footbridge breaks through the classic ring design and ends at the futuristic bridge to the old company headquarters. The slimline mullion/transom construction of the aluminium façade in subtle black grey allows maximum transparency and flexibility when using the office spaces. The auditorium also provides an equal level of transparency. Its curved, cantilevered roof creates a welcoming atmosphere for the space. In order to keep the profiles as thin as possible (25 x 250 mm steel flat) for the mullion lengths of up to 10 metres, a mullion/transom façade was chosen as a steel add-on construction. The recently completed visitor and customer centre adds a classic counterpoint to the ensemble. Inspired by the former brickworks building in terms of cubature and materials, the structure is surrounded by a horizontal brick façade that appears to be solid. Although the outer building envelope appears closed, the support-free inner space is open. With a room height of 8 metres and toplights, it is the ideal platform for presenting their product range.