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Black Lodge, Norway + WU Campus, Vienna University of Economics and Business, Vienna/AT

The region around Ålesund is one of the most popular tourist hot-spots in Norway.

Photo: Marius Beck Dahle

Black Lodge, Fjellsetra/NO

Invit arkitekter AS, Ålesund/NO.
The region around Ålesund is one of the most popular tourist hot-spots in Norway. In addition to the renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site in Geirangerfjord and the snow-covered peaks of the Hjørundfjord, the ragged mountains of the Sunnmøre Alps projecting almost 2000 metres over the fjords also attract many visitors. In the midst of this landscape sits the Black Lodge holiday home, like a foundling in nature. The amorphous shape of the interweaving surfaces is accentuated by the unusual material of the façade in combination with the timber shell of the interior. Large-scale glazing with slimline profiles allow generous views and blur the spatial boundaries. ADS 75.SI / HD.HI, ASS 70 FD, FW 50+.SI

Villa Trads, Egå/DK

Arkitema Architects, Aarhus/DK.
The cube-shaped newbuild of Villa Trads stretches over two levels and opens out onto the Bay of Aarhus with large-scale openings on both sides. While the ground floor appears modest, the upper floor seems to soar like a flying object. The slimline glazing complements the rough exposed concrete and warm wooden floorboards. ASS 70.HI, ADS 90.SI, AWS 75 BS.HI, FW 50+.HI.

Photo: Niels Nygaard

House Wortel/BE

LV Architecten, Wuustwezel/BE.
The cubes of the residential building are stacked together like two boxes to form one huge sculpture. This effect is increased by the large indentations and openings at their intersections. A set-back glass façade stretching over two floors gives rise to a protected open area. AWS 70 BS.HI, AWS 70.HI, ADS 70.HI, ASS 50

Photo: Liesbet Goetschalckx

Villa Araca, Hillerød/DK

C.F. Møller, Copenhagen/DK.
The newbuild lies on a hill with views of the baroque Frederiksborg Castle in the town of Hillerød, north of Copenhagen. The concept follows the idea of opening out towards the castle while also closing off the garden from the public street. The idea of the »Z« continues from the view to the floor plan. An extroverted living space with large openings follows the introverted ground floor which is organised around a private courtyard. The three-dimensional shape of the building develops from the convolution and vertical dimension of the building parts. The light brick and the dark-grey window profiles form a harmonious combination on the façade. AWS 75.SI, ADS 75.SI/HD.HI, ASS 70.HI

Photo: Kristine Mengel

WU Campus, Vienna University of Economics and Business, Vienna/AT

Atelier Hitoshi Abe, BUSarchitektur, CRABstudio, Estudio Carme Pinos, NO.MAD Arquitectos, Zaha Hadid Architecture. On the plot of a former exhibition centre, the new WU Campus represents a modern university concept which is much more than a place of research. In accordance with the master plan developed by BUSarchitektur, six individual building complexes with infrastructure facilities are grouped around the central »Library & Learning Center«. In a seemingly loose arrangement, the individual buildings create an open landscape with generous free spaces. Created on the basis of the »Green Building« concept, the individual components project their own architectural identity which emerges through their design and materials. The profiles chosen for the unitised façades (FW 50+.HI, ADS 75.SI / HD.HI, FW 50+, FW 50+.SI, AWS 75 BS.HI, AWS 75.SI) contribute towards the durability of the selected constructions and materials and towards minimising life cycle costs.

Photo: Schüco International KG