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Exclusive Homes

Schüco offers numerous systems for private residences. Whether a newbuild or a renovation: Schüco window, door, sliding and façade systems combine energy efficiency with the most exacting demands in terms of comfort, security and design. The components can be automated and added according to your individual requirements.

Balance between technology and nature

It's important to retain a certain pragmatism with upcoming technical developments – technology must be always be viewed in conjunction with nature, with materials and in terms of simplicity. In particular for residential properties.

Tanja Kochems

Dipl.-Ing. Architect, Specialist engineer Building project management Buschner Kochems Architekten PartG Ransbach-Baumbach, Hennef /GER

PROFILE: What role do design and comfort play in residential construction?
Tanja Kochems: In my view, exclusivity in residential construction has less to do with a high cost than with the desire to feel comfortable. A space for wellbeing offers openness and transparency, but also a certain reserve, a retreat. For me, comfort means that the space around me satisfies my needs as a person.
PROFILE: In the future, residences will be characterised by a high degree of automation.
Tanja Kochems: We are involved with a lot of high-end residential properties and have clients who love building automation because they are already familiar with it from their work and would like to transfer it to their living space. They are excited by what Schüco is offering. On the other hand, there are people who are overwhelmed by too much technology. It is always important that the technology is intuitive to use and is kept as simple as possible for the user. The following generation is so expert in dealing with the interconnection that it will become something perfectly normal. Here it will be the other way around, the down-to-earth nature and the contact with the material will peter out. For this reason it is my wish that, besides making technological advancements, Schüco also does not allow our bond with nature to be neglected, but the exhibition set-up clearly shows that this is already in their thoughts – steel, aluminium, timber, glass and nature.

Yngve Lenkes Brakstad - Zsolt Nagyi - Link Architektur Bergen /NO

Exclusivity as standard

PROFILE: What is of particular interest to you on the Schüco stand?
Yngve Leknes Brakstad: Large panoramic sliding doors, but also some of the aluminium profiles, whereby windows and doors are integrated in a frame and can be opened in a variety of ways. We build a lot of detached houses, so we are interested in design and comfort.
PROFILE: What does exclusivity mean to you?
Zsolt Nagyi: Exclusivity is very important for our customers. Everybody wants an exclusive home. If you're talking about an exclusive design, then you're also talking about high-quality materials – without exception. Highquality spaces. High-quality details. I think that these things go hand in hand. Schüco is very clearly associated with high quality and therefore exclusivity. But, in my opinion, that has to become the norm.

Moritz Mungenast - Visiting Prof. in Emerging Technologies, Technical University of Munich /GER

No sleeping dinosaur

PROFILE: Schüco presents products for private homes. Do these meet your expectations?
Moritz Mungenast: There's an incredible variety of products on display, covering the widest possible range of topics – design, energy efficiency and technology, from systems to special solutions, and even residential properties. This shows that Schüco is no sleeping dinosaur, that it's focused on new trends The subject of the façade is repeatedly redefined in very different contexts.
PROFILE: One new development is easyaccess systems. Are these relevant to you?
Moritz Mungenast: I would say that they're actually a necessity. In many towns and cities, easyaccess building is already obligatory. As an architect, I'm always pleased to see attractive, sophisticated pro ducts come onto the market. It makes my job much easier.

Marco Castelletti - Architetto Studio di architettura Marco Castelletti, Erba Co, ITA

PROFILE: What role does the construction of private homes play in your work as an architect?
Marco Castelletti: I designed many family homes. They are normally small but very high-quality and modern buildings which have a great affinity with the surroundings and nature.
PROFILE: What is a special feature of your designs for these family homes?
Marco Castelletti: For my residential buildings, clearly defined forms and large openings are important. For these buildings, it is important to establish a relationship between the inside and outside, and to create a panoramic view of the surrounding nature from the rooms. The large window openings of the Panorama Design Sliding System from Schüco are perfect in this respect. They replace part of the façade; only a very narrow frame is visible. They disappear into the wall when opened and are invisible. You cannot design a relationship between the inside and outside to be stronger than that. I am also intrigued by the open corner solution. It allows you to experiment with new solutions opening two sides of the house at the same time to the outside.
PROFILE: What does exclusiveness mean to you for the construction of private homes?
Marco Castelletti:Exclusive private homes have a modern design, are at the cutting edge in terms of technology and are situated in beautiful surroundings. The context is important to me: a natural landscape, a lake... With its narrow profiles, Schüco is on the right track for private homes, it offers solutions which can be adapted to many different contexts and situations. It’s all very interesting.

"Exclusivity means different things to different people. For me, it means meeting the exact needs of the customer. Every client is an individual – especially in terms of private homes."