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City of Tomorrow

The „Morgenstadt: city insights“ (m:ci) project started with 10 Fraunhofer Institutes in 2012. M:ci deals with sustainable urban developments, which is a result of urbanization, increase in population and climate change.

Phase I, spanning from June 2012 to January 2013, aimed at understanding the city of today. “How does the system Sustainable City function?" has been the key question. Analyzing 6 leading cities worldwide helped to address this issue. Freiburg, Copenhagen, Berlin, Singapore, New York and Tokyo are leading examples of sustainable city development worldwide.
The outcome of the first phase is: A best-practice catalogue, with more than 280 good practices, studies, city-rankings, six city reports for those exemplary cities, an R&D networking platform with more than 50 project ideas and a system model for city evaluation.

Building on theses results, phase II of „Morgenstadt: city insights“ (m:ci II) began in January 2014. The research focus here lies on the development of urban innovations for the city of tomorrow with the objective to identify potential projects and realize innovative solutions in urban systems. Various consortia of research, industries and cities intend to develop, initiate and realize concepts for innovative urban development; some of which can focus on the implementation of ‘real labs’ for the transformation of retail and industry parks towards CO2-neutrality or even energy-surplus standard.

Schüco has been an active partner in this project from the beginning.