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Building in India - a short Summary

Currently, there is fierce competition between the growth regions of China and India to see who can reach the Western standard first. This is coupled with an enormous construction boom with virtually Western construction standards and with many regional peculiarities that can be planned, but that may be unpredictable.

In central India there is predominantly a subtropical continental climate. The coastal regions have a maritime character. There are strong temperature fluctuations. Temperatures can reach 50°C and there can be extreme humidity.

Construction standards and guidelines
Materials purchasing and manufacture in India differs strongly from European standards. Approval procedures and the work of specialized engineers are comparable.

Construction market and products
In addition to standardized materials such as brick and high quality concrete, galvanized steel is not available. Other cladding systems are not very suitable given the climatic conditions.

Society and religion
The religions practised and the society are ver varied and colorful, in both a positive and negative sense. Holidays and festivals can impact on work schedules.

There are significant class differences in the construction sector as well. While engineers often have an above the average education, workers at building sites are usually unskilled.

Infrastructure and transport
Frequent conjestion and unreliable electricity and water supply pose the biggest obstacles to construction. They should be countered with prudent logistics and patience.

Big differences in qualifications are bridged by developing joint solutions on location. An understanding of Western culture and language influenced bythe colonial period serve as a basis in international projects.