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Achieving success together

The complex requirements of the market can only be met when everyone involved in a project works together – from specifiers, developers and system providers on one side to investors and users on the other.

PROFILE: Schüco presented a selection of new features and products at BAU. Which ones are most relevant for you?

Chen Yong: I am particularly interested in smart building and security products. Currently, internet plus, IoT and smart home are just emerging in China. The steady improvement in the standard of living is leading to a greater demand for smart products from consumers. Smart windows, doors and façades are definitely setting the trends for the future. In the field of security, the relevant state associations are in the process of drafting fire and burglar resistance standards and regulations. As a professional consulting company and the largest domestic consulting institute for windows, doors and façades, we communicate frequently with developers and know exactly what they and the owners need. Schüco could introduce some high­end products onto the Chinese market – we have the demand for it here.

PROFILE: In your opinion, which aspects are decisive when planning the building envelope?

Chen Yong: We often encounter problems when planning the building envelope. For example, glass façades cannot be used for residential buildings, which restricts the impact of the entire building envelope. We are striving for better results using system solutions.

PROFILE: Are customisation and series production compatible with one another?

Chen Yong: For windows and doors, this is possible, as tried­and­tested systems can be applied to lots of projects. Façades need new casting moulds, so it‘s a little bit more difficult. Schüco stands out due to its highly systematic approach. We have recently been in discussions with Jangho (a renowned façade system provider in China) and they have more than 1000 casting moulds for façades.

PROFILE: In your view, how important are design options created by digitalisation and fabrication?

Chen Yong: Digital tools have become a necessity. And I am optimistic about the prospects of VR and other digital technologies. It is critical and essential to present the final effect of a project at an early stage to be able to meet the owner‘s requirements.

PROFILE: Do you use digital tools and methods such as BIM at your company?

Chen Yong: BIM is one of our frequently­used office tools for our daily business.

Photo: Foster Engineering Consulting