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Max Planck Institut

Münster, Germany

Short information

Building category
Office and Business, Education and Culture, Health
Façades, Sun shading
Münster, Germany
Kresing Architekten
Hölscher Metallbau


Project details

Object description

The new building of the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Biomedicine is an extension to the Max Planck Institute for Vascular Biology founded in Münster in 2001. The Institute for Molecular Biomedicine comprises three departments in which more than 190 scientists work, including junior research groups and young academic groups. The main, two-storey building primarily consists of laboratories and offices; adjoining buildings also include a guest house with accommodation for up to 12 people, as well as an animal facility. The science centre has been created as a “multi-level terrain”. As architect Kilian Kresing explains, “Architectonic and scenic areas supplement a harmonious laboratory and garden landscape”. The restrained and clearly structured façade of the new building, which extends to 11,200 m2, has a greenish shimmer; the guest house is reflected in the surrounding body of water. Glass is also prevalent in the interior of the main building, thereby creating a connection with the nearby area, ensuring natural lighting and fostering communication between employees. The offices are therefore connected to one another by a spacious corridor. The building ensemble radiates openness and transparency, creating an extremely pleasant working environment for staff and external researchers.


Max Planck Institut
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