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Windows dictionary

From A for automation to U for U-value – all the windows terminology explained in simple terms.



Schüco building technology provides a wide range of possible solutions for private homes. The Schüco system allows electronic opening and closing through monitoring of windows, natural and automatic ventilation, as well as electrically operated solar shading and anti-glare protection. The advantage for the user: greater well-being from a pleasant indoor climate, tangible energy cost savings and greater security and comfort. 

Air exchange

Ventilation by means of opening the windows results in a number of disadvantages. These include excessive humidity, heating energy losses, pollen and particulate matter concentrations, high noise levels and an increased risk of break-in. Schüco offers window-integrated ventilation with heat recovery. Sensor-driven controls ensure optimised ventilation.


Burglar resistance

Burglar-resistant windows are building components that offer a defined level of resistance to attempted break-ins in addition to the usual functionality. A DIN standard distinguishes between different security classes.


Cover Caps

Aluminium cover caps allow the excellent thermal insulation of PVC-U windows to be combined with a particularly high-quality look and the high degree of resistance of the light metal.


The wide variety of finishes and profiles from Schüco fulfils all requirements in terms of colour and guarantees maximum design freedom. In addition to 13 different finishes ex works and a wide variety of country-specific finishes, 35 additional colours are also available at short notice. For aluminium windows, there are almost no colour restrictions. Composite profiles can also have two colours so that you can set different colour accents inside and outside. In addition, brilliant metallic colours can now be achieved on PVC-U profiles using the new and exclusive Schüco AutomotiveFinish surface finish coating.


The Schüco window systems are available with different contours - from a simple, flush contour to a stylish steel contour.



What's special about the design of Schüco windows is that their complex functionality is not obvious. For example, concealed fittings ensure narrow inner face widths by omitting the hinges in the wall attachment area. This means that large window formats and high vent weights are simple to incorporate and look stylish. The comprehensive variety of finishes and colours as well as a choice of elegant contours also allows you maximum freedom with colours and shapes when creating individual accents.


Energy efficiency

The insulation of windows is one of the most important ways of increasing energy efficiency. Different units of measure have been introduced in order to be able to estimate the quality of thermal insulation. The most important key figure here is the U value, the minimum requirements for which are stipulated as part of the energy saving regulations (EnEV) for most building components.



Schüco offers windows made of aluminium, PVC-U or steel. Each material has its own particular benefits. Aluminium Aluminium is absolutely weather-resistant, is also suitable for large buildings and is highly transparent. PVC-U PVC-U offers excellent insulation properties and a long service life without the need for maintenance. It is also highly economical. Steel Steel not only has a unique appearance, it also boasts impressively slender face widths and timeless elegance.
What all of the materials have in common, however, is that they can be combined with a wide range of shapes, colours and design elements.

Mushroom head locking

Mushroom head locking is part of a burglar-resistant window fitting. It takes its name from the mushroom-shaped pins on the window vent that hook into the strike plates on the window frame when closing the window. This can make it difficult to lever out the window - depending on the level of security.


Opening types

Alongside the turn opening and the tilt opening, there is the turn/tilt opening - the most frequently used opening type. The choice of opening will depend on the window specifications, the cleaning options and the level of security during operation.


Pollen filter

Mushroom head locking is part of a burglar-resistant window fitting. It takes its name from the mushroom-shaped pins on the window vent that hook into the strike plates on the window frame when closing the window. This can make it difficult to lever out the window - depending on the level of security.

Profile technology

Schüco offers a comprehensive range of aluminium profile technology - from preparation of the material, through installation of complete building components to the finished product.



The concealed Schüco AvanTec fittings ensure a high level of basic security. By using additional security locking points, the burglar resistance of the window can be increased up to security class 3. Lockable handles offer extra security. You can feel particularly secure with integrated monitoring of closing, which provides a confirmation function for electronic locking controls when leaving the house.

Surface finishes

With a comprehensive spectrum of colours and finishes, Schüco offers almost unlimited options for setting individual colour accents on your home. The new and exclusive Schüco AutomotiveFinish surface finish coating also satisfies the highest aesthetic requirements. Inspired by the expertise of the automotive paint industry, brilliant metallic colour shades can now also be achieved with Schüco AutomotiveFinish on PVC-U profiles.

Security class

DIN EN 1627 describes the requirements on the properties of burglar-resistant windows, window doors and their classification. These are classified in different security classes. Windows in security class 1 provide basic protection against physical attacks such as kicking, flying kick, shoulder charge, lifting upwards and tearing out. However, they only offer limited protection against the use of lever tools. Windows in security class 2 make life difficult for opportunist burglars who use simple tools like screwdrivers, pliers and wedges. They offer an average level of burglar resistance. A window in security class 3 provides a high level of burglar resistance. It stands up to a burglar trying to gain access using a second screwdriver and a crow bar.

How effectively a front door protects against attempted break-ins is defined by the security class (WK), which is regulated by European standards. Schüco offers security components for security classes WK 1 to WK 3.


U value

The U value specifies the level of heat loss through the window in question. The value is calculated between the inner side and outer side, per square metre and per hour, with a temperature difference between inside and outside of 1° Kelvin. The U value can be determined with a measuring device or calculated in accordance with DIN EN 674.

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