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From B for Biometrics to W for Weathertightness – all the sliding doors terminology explained in simple terms.


Anti-finger-trap protection

The anti-finger-trap protection prevents crushing - primarily of fingers and hands - as a result of accidental closing of doors or windows.



The term is derived from ancient Greek. "Bios" meaning life and "Metron" meaning measure. Biometrics describes measurement and evaluation procedures. 


Control Unit

A control unit is used to bring a system from one state into another.



e-slide is the name of an operating system for sliding door systems.


Folding sliding doors

A folding door consists of several door units. These units move onto one another when opened. In this way, a pattern of folds is created. 


Hollow chamber profile

Building components that feature a hollow chamber profile have inner cavities. These cavities improve the level of insulation. 


Infrared sensor

Infrared sensors record their immediate surroundings using infrared rays. Infrared rays are electromagnetic waves. 


Insulating bar

The insulating bar is a building component with windows and doors that optimises thermal insulation. 


Lift-and-slide doors

Lift-and-slide doors must be opened to one side or from the middle. Up to 3 tracks allow large opening widths and therefore flexibility for large glass constructions, e.g. in a conservatory. 



The abbreviation PASK in German stands for tilt/slide door.


Sliding doors

Sliding doors create a spacious atmosphere. In most homes, they can be introduced with only small structural adjustments. Sliding doors are available as parallel sliding doors, lift-and-slide doors, lift, slide and tilt doors or as folding/sliding doors, depending on their function and the situation on site.


Vent sizes

The vent size is based on the dimensions of a building component. For example, the size of a window unit or door unit. 



In the case of windows and doors, fittings are critical for weathertightness. The decisive factor is the contact pressure of the vent or leaf. 

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