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Schüco TropTec AW 40.NI Aluminium window systems

The Schüco TropTec AW 40.NI is an outward-opening non-insulated aluminium window system. The aluminium window system provides an attractive range of opening and integration types. German engineering in combination with European quality standards facilitates the best solution for the high-end requirements of the aluminium window markets in tropical areas.

Narrow face widths of 64 mm, clear design and high load capacity are united in a window which can be fit with single or insulated glass up to 25 mm. The complete range of all products from a single source is a benefit for Schüco TropTec partners.

The Schüco TropTec AW 40.NI aluminium system is slight designed for more glass. The aluminium window system provides proven quality thanks to the system tests of certified test institutes. Options with concealed fittings in combination with the narrow face width provide Schüco partners in TropTec markets with solutions of all possible requirements.

  • Attractive, non-insulated aluminium window system
  • Outward opening aluminium windows with 40 mm basic depth
  • Narrow face width of 65 mm
  • Aluminium window system with proven quality
  • Water tightness up to class 9A-600 Pa in accordance with EN 1027/ EN 12208
  • Air permeability up to class 4 in accordance with EN 12208
  • Wind load resistance up to C3 in accordance with EN 12400
  • Sound insulation up to 34 dB in accordance with EN ISO 717-1
  • Aluminium window system with concealed fittings
  • Maximum height up to 1500 mm
  • Maximum width up to 1400 mm
  • Proven quality thanks to extensive system testing
  • Complete range of products from a single source
  • Minimal use of tools
  • Software support
  • Easy-to-understand documentation
  • Video product documentation for an easy understanding of the Schüco TropTec systems
  • Expert advice from the Schüco back office


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