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Deaconry Hospital

Munich, Germany

Short information

Building category
Windows, Doors, Façades, Security
AWS 75 BS.HI, AWS 75.SI, ADS 75.SI, FW 50+.HI
Munich, Germany
RRP architekten + ingenieure
Franz Hesedenz GmbH


Project details

Object description

Since 1975, the deaconry in the Maxvorstadt section of Munich has run a senior citizens’ home. In the decades to follow, an outpatient treatment center, a geriatric rehabilitation unit and, in 2008, a pain release center were added. The new building was needed to improve the hospital’s facilites and to increase its space. With the five-story new building, which was made possible after two residential buildings were demolished, the deaconry has created a generous main entrance for patients and visitors and a link to the Arcisstrasse university axis. The extension accommodates a total of 22 two- and three-bed room units for geriatric rehabilitation and general care. Due to the natural illumination of the wards and their modern, restrained furnishings, the atmosphere is bright and friendly. The attic was expanded to house staff apartments each with one or two rooms. Towards Hessstrasse, RRP Architects planned a clearly structured façade which on the upper floors is clad with bright natural stone, which fits well in the surroundings. The two lower stories were combined in the design. While the ground floor windows are conspicuous due to their large glass areas, the window units on the first floor suggest usage as patient rooms due to the gray parapet and opening vents. The Schüco window units on the ground and first floors, FW 50+ HI with AWS 75 BS.HI opening vents, are a discreet gray. On the three upper floors, parallelogram-shaped ceramic louvers were added in the deaconry color red. The garden side was designed as a perforated façade. The Schüco AWS 75.SI windows and the Schüco ADS 75.SI doors with dark-red frames form a pleasant contrast to the white plaster.


Deaconry Hospital
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