Future cities will be silent. For better urban acoustics. Reducing noise. Increasing comfort.

ANC modules

Schüco Active Noise Cancellation

The city of the future is quiet.

  • The ANC module can be combined with the Schüco ASE 80.HI Design Line sliding unit and the Schüco AWS 75 VV.SI ventilation vent
  • Natural ventilation by means of optimum, vertical ventilation gap with simultaneous sound reduction of up to 25 dB by means of ANC technology
  • The connection to the outside is guaranteed by means of the view through and external contact on the ventilation gap

Sound reduction windows

  • Schüco AWS 90 AC.SI sound reduction window: high levels of sound reduction as well as natural ventilation in the tilted position
  • Use in noise-polluted areas for residential and office buildings ensures a high level of user comfort
  • Acoustic window version, based on the Schüco AWS 90.SI+ window system – can be combined with other Schüco opening units or fixed glazing

Sound reduction in the tilted position

  • In the tilt position, the air is guided from the outside into the room via the vent frame profiles of the sound reduction window – this significantly reduces the noise levels
  • Scalable concept: can easily be adapted to individual sound requirements in conjunction with the Schüco AWS 120 AC.SI sound reduction composite window project solution – right up to the HafenCity guideline in Hamburg

Schüco sound reduction window

One solution for all requirements.

Absorbing façade

Schüco sound-absorbing façade units

Watch the video.

  • Integrated absorbing façade units reduce the spread of sound in urban spaces
  • Integrated, forward-mounted or micro-perforated absorbing components open up attractive design options
  • Sound-absorbing façades help to solve the noise problem in cities and communities: reducing the noise level improves the quality of life of the people living there

SoundCal acoustic software

Schüco SoundCal

Acoustics planning software

  • Planning tool for complex window and façade units which need to meet sound reduction requirements
  • SoundCal calculates the weighted sound reduction index RW for Schüco windows and façades
  • Specification of suitable sound reduction glass for windows and façades with sound reduction requirements

Digital Acoustic Lab

Schüco Digital Acoustic Lab (DAL)

The acoustics software.

  • The Digital Acoustics Lab (DAL) acoustics software is a cloud-based software application for developers, architects and clients
  • The effects of noise transmissions from inside to outside can be determined for different Schüco windows and façades, depending on the frequency
  • The different façade and glazing systems are compared across the entire acoustic frequency range and can be made audible via a sound simulation