Smart Building - building automation solutions from Schüco

Future cities will be intelligent. We create façades made for connectivity. Protecting the health of buildings and their inhabitants.

Healthy, pleasant indoor climate

  • Energy: thanks to comprehensive networking, the intelligent façade helps to significantly reduce the energy consumption of buildings
  • Comfort: an intelligent façade creates a pleasant atmosphere – different room temperatures and humidity levels increase the feeling of comfort, just like the lighting or the design of the door handles
  • Security: digital building security technology is becoming ever more important – the latest networked sensors, which communicate with the building envelope, meet these increasing requirements

“Ambient air quality” function

Schüco Building Skin Control

  • Schüco offers the entire range of ventilation solutions – from natural ventilation through to ventilator-assisted ventilation with heat recovery 
  • Hybrid ventilation: combination of Schüco TipTronic SimplySmart and Schüco VentoTherm Twist guarantees and economical solution
  • Benefits of decentralised ventilation: best possible air quality in the smallest spaces; ideal solution for renovations as well; optimum use of energy due to individual room control
  • Everything from a single source: fully tested window system consisting of actuator, fittings and profile system
  • Optimum connection to Schüco Building Skin Control (BSC) for use of the wide range of convenient functions
  • Wide range of applications with energy-saving functions, e.g. crack ventilation, timed ventilation, monitoring of closing and night-time cooling 
  • Decentralised, window-integrated ventilation system with incoming air, outgoing air and heat recovery – controlled exchange of air in specific rooms without opening the window
  • Cost-saving integration in the building envelope without suspended ceilings or wall openings; fire compartments also do not need to be accounted for in the planning
  • Secure, controlled air exchange meeting high energy efficiency requirements ensures a high degree of energy saving
  • Schüco VentoTherm Twist in collaboration with Renson®

Decentralised ventilation solutions

Pleasant indoor climate and high level of comfort for ideal living and working conditions.

Convenient and secure access

  • Audio/video door communication with convenient, secure access control
  • Keep track of everything at all times: the integrated HD camera and access control ensure that the entrance area is visible and secure everywhere and at all times
  • Reduced commissioning: no previous training or knowledge of the system required, therefore suitable for any building infrastructure – only an internet connection is required
  • Flexible: thanks to WLAN and use of existing 2-wire technology, Schüco DCS SmartTouch can be retrofitted easily
  • Fully tested system from a single source: actuator, fittings and profile system
  • Optimum connection to Schüco Building Skin Control (BSC) in order to use the wide range of convenient functions
  • Suitable for all requirements: maximum convenience for opening large sliding units automatically – for many opening types
  • Finger-trap protection classes: all requirements are met in terms of user groups and different building types 
  • Burglar resistance up to safety class RC 2 
  • Simple and reliable operation also ensured with large, heavy units
  • Comprehensive platform for the integration, control and monitoring of the mechatronic Schüco units 
  • All units and devices can be accessed securely and remotely, for retrospective changes or services
  • The latest security technology excludes unauthorised people from accessing the system
  • Mobile control and monitoring of all mechatronic units possible by means of the Schüco Building Skin Control app
  • Automatic functions such as night-time cooling, air quality sensors, motion sensors and silent mode time can be activated
  • User-defined scenarios can be created and transferred

Secure windows and doors

  • Concealed monitoring of opening and closing, available in all VDS classes
  • Energy efficiency: can be integrated in building management systems for comprehensive control of window, heating and ventilation systems
  • Can be used in Schüco window, door and sliding systems


Unit automatically sends a notification when maintenance is due.

  • Radio-based monitoring of opening and closing for a reliable overview of the status of installed units 
  • Energy self-sufficient, wireless and can be concealed in the window rebate 
  • Can be retrofitted and is maintenance-free for all windows with Schüco AvanTec SimplySmart fittings

The intelligent façade

Schüco Smart Building


Digital material list

Support for the metal fabricator in the event of an incident.


Unit automatically sends a notification when maintenance is due.

Operation and care

Supporting the user to achieve ideal operation and maintenance.

Environment measurement

Active measurement of the air quality for maximum safeguarding.