Future design will be seamless. We design living spaces with panoramic views. Providing more comfort and design excellence.

Panorama Design

  • Schüco ASE 67 PD sliding system: the Schüco ASE 67 PD Panorama Design system combines the ease of access of a ground-level threshold with efficient fabrication
  • Schüco ASS 77 PD sliding system: 100 % Panorama Design with minimal profile face widths and maximum operating convenience and security
  • Schüco X-Sight Concept sliding system: the Panorama Design prototype unites an innovative GRP material combination with a dynamic threshold system
  • Schüco AWS 75 PD.SI window system: the Schüco Panorama Design window system sets new standards in terms of aesthetic design and efficient fabrication
  • The Schüco ASE 67 PD Panorama Design system combines frameless design with simple fabrication
  • A wide variety of opening types guarantee a high degree of design freedom
  • Large unit sizes create rooms flooded with light

Schüco ASS 77 PD - product animation

The Schüco ASS 77 PD sliding system (Panorama Design) makes it possible to create room-height sliding systems with floor-to-ceiling glazing.

  • Less work required due to prefabricated kits and pre-bonded glass
  • Low transport risk – can be delivered to the building site
  • Simple outer frame installation due to reliable joining technology
  • The narrowest of face widths on the outside and inside ensure maximum transparency
  • Continuous shadow gap enables a flush-fitted framed look on the inside
  • Handle design without rosette also available in RC design, lockable
  • Can be used as a punched opening, ribbon window and insert unit in Schüco mullion/transom façades


  • Suitable for all requirements: maximum convenience for opening large sliding units automatically – for many opening types
  • Varied operating options: via a high quality operating unit with visual status display directly on the vent, via a wall switch or via the Schüco app; in addition, optimum connection to Schüco Building Skin Control (BSC) in order to use the wide range of convenient functions
  • Finger-trap protection classes: all requirements are met in terms of user groups and different building types
  • Audio/video door communication with convenient, secure access control
  • Very simple processing: easy profile processing thanks to rectangular recess
  • Flexible: thanks to WLAN and the use of existing 2-wire technology, Schüco DCS SmartTouch can be retrofitted easily
  • Maximum comfort and the latest technology: can be operated and configured fully via the Schüco app for iOS and Android
  • One system for all units: comprehensive platform for the integration, control and monitoring of the mechatronic Schüco units
  • Open interface for maximum variety: Schüco BSC can be integrated in open building management systems such as KNX or BACnet and connected to external smart home systems such as Amazon Alexa
  • The Schüco Operation Dashboard shows the live status of all installed mechatronic units of the Schüco Building Skin Control and offers a news feed, software updates and much more
  • System integration in Schüco AWS 75 and AWS 75 PD.SI window systems
  • System fixing integrated in the outer frame for the guide tracks at the side – in the outer half profile – ensures a slimline framed look
  • High wind stability up to 25 m/s (force 9 to 10 on the Beaufort scale)

Range of uses

Schüco Door System AD UP Commercial

Ease of access

  • Schüco AWS 75.SI window system: high level of user comfort with the lowest operating forces as well as easy adaptability thanks to large vent dimensions and zero-level threshold
  • Schüco X-Sight Concept sliding system: thanks to dynamic threshold system that can be raised, ease of access and 100% panoramic design are no longer excluded
  • Schüco ASE 67 PD sliding system: easy-access thresholds can be achieved with flexible use of the various vent/outer frame combinations in conjunction with the 57 mm outer frame
  • With an installation height of 0 mm, all requirements for easy-access construction in line with DIN 18040 are met
  • The innovative 0 mm threshold can be installed in single-leaf, inward-opening Schüco LivIng entrance and side entrance doors
  • The use of an automatic threshold gasket made from high-quality silicone with a smooth release mechanism provides optimum weathertightness in the horizontal level


  • Finger-trap protection: all requirements are met in terms of user groups and different building types
  • Burglar resistance up to safety class RC 2
  • Simple and reliable operation also ensured with large, heavy units
  • Mobile: control and monitoring of all mechatronic units by means of the Schüco Building Skin Control app
  • User-defined scenarios can be created and transferred
  • Token technology ensures security: connection of mobile end devices is only possible through counter-confirmation and matching a number combination in the Building Skin Control system
  • Radio-based monitoring of opening and closing for reliable overview of the status of installed units
  • Energy self-sufficient, wireless and can be concealed in the window rebate
  • Can be retrofitted and is maintenance-free for all windows with Schüco AvanTec SimplySmart fittings
  • Energy-efficient – maintenance-free, without battery replacement
  • Easy to retrofit for the Schüco AvanTec SimplySmart fittings system
  • Communication via open radio standard enables clarity and coupling with existing smart home devices


  • The narrowest face widths, high-quality design and hence the perfect combination of window, sliding and façade systems
  • Seamless transitions between façade and sliding systems: the Schüco ASS 77 PD and Schüco ASE 67 PD Panorama Design sliding systems transition seamlessly into the Schüco FWS 35 PD Panorama Design system – the narrow face widths of the mullion profiles of just 35 mm are maintained
  • The flush integration of the outer frame in the floor, wall and ceiling highlights the slimline, puristic seamless design

Schüco Seamless

Flowing transitions for maximum transparency.