Schüco Window LivIng 82 MD

  1. Innovative 7-chamber system for excellent thermal insulation
  2. Three continuous gasket levels
  3. Increased basic depth of 82 mm: excellent thermal insulation as well as increased security and burglar resistance
  4. Classic vent geometry for a modern, timeless look
  • Schüco LivIng 82 MD
  • The PVC-U system sets standards in terms of energy efficiency for steel-reinforced profiles
  • Suitable for passive houses in accordance with ift guidelines
  • Complete system with many different options for attachment and supplementary profiles: can be used in private residential projects and in commercial projects – in both newbuilds and renovations
  • Flexible system for creating windows, window doors, balcony doors and tilt/slide doors
  • EPDM is a top-quality gasket material which has been used successfully for years, e.g. in medicine, aerospace and the automotive industry
  • Gaskets made from innovative EPDM for the best sealing effect and permanent elasticity guarantee a low level of maintenance and value retention for the property
  • Centre gasket protects all fittings components even more reliably against corrosion and dirt: functioning of the units is guaranteed
  • Wide range of colours possible: Brilliant Schüco AutomotiveFinish metallic shades, Schüco TopAlu external aluminium cover caps and the Schüco UnlimitedFinish PVC foil range
  • Various profile base material colours available: white, caramel and grey
  • White profiles are supplied with modern, silver-grey gaskets, foiled profiles with black gaskets as standard