Schüco Surface Finishes AutomotiveFinish

  • The brilliance of the individual colours is achieved by using special colour pigments which are both weather-resistant and thermally optimised
  • Schüco AutomotiveFinish surface finishes are RAL-tested
  • With Schüco AutomotiveFinish, windows, doors, sliding doors and accessories can be designed tone-on-tone
  • Extensive long-term series of tests mean excellent product safety, unique quality and durability. The colour stability has been tested for artificial weathering, chemical resistance, wear resistance, heat absorption and adhesion to the base material
  • Extensive range: 11 colours for inside and outside as well as two special colours for use inside
  • The production process for Schüco AutomotiveFinish colour finishes conserves resources and is environmentally friendly, while energy consumption during production is much lower compared to other coating methods