Schüco Building Automation BlueCon

  • Convenient access without a key
  • Concealed installation in the door rebate: puristic aesthetics
  • Flexible access regulations and simple management via the Schüco app

Transparent access authorisation

  • Keep track of everything at all times: access authorisations can be set and logged individually, flexibly and for specific people
  • Transparent access use: who has entered your home at what time of the day?
  • Simple management of invitations for newly authorised people by means of plug & play: immediate connection to the smartphone by means of a download link

Schüco BlueCon access module

Watch the video.

Secure, convenient access

  • Automatic or manual door opening using the Schüco app (iOS and Android)
  • Can be retrofitted in existing door systems
  • The best security technology thanks to double AES 128 bit encryption

Schüco BlueCon

Bluetooth access control for your door.