Schüco Door AD UP 90 BL Residential

Mounted infill, mechanical

  • Reversible and replaceable infill fixings based on the AD UP (Universal Platform) system: maximum flexibility with amended design requirements
  • One platform for all applications in terms of energy efficiency through to passive house level and with regard to weathertightness
  • KfW-eligible system solution in terms of energy efficiency, burglar resistance and ease of access

Application examples in residential construction

Schüco Door System AD UP

Range of uses

Schüco Door System AD UP Commercial

Product and performance characteristics

  1. Max. leaf height 2500 mm, max. leaf width 1250 mm, max. leaf weight 120 kg
  2. Thermal insulation Uf ≥ 1.6 W/m²K, thermal insulation Ud ≥ 0.66 W/m²K
  3. Air permeability class 2, watertightness class 3A, resistance to wind load class C2/B2
  4. Durability (system and hinges) up to class 6
  5. RC 2 burglar resistance