Schüco Sun Shading Large Louvre Blade ALB active linear

  • Use of different louvre blade geometries in terms of shape, colour and arrangement offers a large amount of architectural design freedom
  • High-quality, attractive sun shading solution for an individual façade design
  • Sun shading unaffected by wind

Overview of the product range

  1. “Hi-tech” louvre blade
  2. Elliptical louvre blades
  3. Parallelogram louvre blade
  4. Right-angled louvre blades
  5. Sheet metal louvre blade

Schüco Large Louvre Blades ALB

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Architectural and design sun shading

  • Highly effective shading at all times of the day and throughout the year 
  • Flexible large louvre blade system: horizontal and vertical, in front of façades and windows 
  • System solution provides high degree of planning reliability