Schüco Door AD UP 75

  • Stable door system, based on a triple-layer construction principle, with high functional reliability for any door application: from sophisticated residential construction through to commercial projects
  • Thermal optimisation thanks to double insulation zone as well as flexible increase in energy efficiency through modular gasket system and optional glazing rebate insulation
  • As a basic system with rebate gasket or for increased requirements with centre gasket in combination with rebate threshold and easy-access threshold for high system performance properties

System platform

Schüco Door System AD UP

Application examples in large projects

Schüco Door System AD UP

A variety of door thresholds

  1. Thermally broken, easy-access aluminium composite threshold in accordance with DIN 18040
  2. Concealed fixing to building structure, can be dismantled retrospectively if damaged
  3. Easy-access zero-level threshold in accordance with DIN 18040
  4. Highest weathertightness values with level threshold and integrated drainage
  5. Threshold type with brush gasket or gasket with lips without weathertightness requirement

System performance properties

  1. Max. leaf height 3000 mm, max. leaf width 1400 mm, max. leaf weight 200 kg
  2. Thermal insulation Uf ≥ 1.6 W/m²K, thermal insulation Ud ≥ 1.1 W/m²K
  3. Air permeability up to class 4, watertightness up to E750, resistance to wind load up to C3
  4. Durability up to class 8
  5. RC 2 burglar resistance in the system

Range of uses

Schüco Door System AD UP Commercial