• Design freedom: electrochromic glass takes on the function of sun shading
  • Suitable for newbuilds and modernisation projects, especially in offices, educational institutions, clinics, hotels, airports, museums and private residential projects
  • Unrestricted views to the outside, even with the darkest tinting level

Composition explained

  1. Outer insulating glass layer
  2. 2.2 mm SentryGlas® interlayer
  3. Functional pane
  4. SageGlass® coating
  5. Space between panes 1
  6. Inner insulating glass layer (for double glazing)
  7. Optional: space between panes 2
  8. Optional: inner insulating glass layer (for triple glazing)

SageGlass® - dynamic sun shading

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Integrated in windows and façades

  • Can be dimmed automatically or gradually by means of a switch and can be combined with existing building management systems
  • Up to three variable LightZones® can be set in the glass and regulated separately
  • Regulates the light and heat entry with strong solar radiation, thereby reducing lighting and air conditioning costs