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Office building Olker engineers

Frankenthal (Pfalz), Germany

Short information

Building category
Office and Business
Windows, Doors, Façades, Building Automation
AWS 90.SI+, FW 50+.SI
Frankenthal (Pfalz), Germany
P4 Architekten
Seis & Wölbert GmbH
Picture credit
Daniel Vieser


Project details

Project description

The main requirement for the newbuild in Frankenthal was to bring together the 35 employees of the structural design engineering office, who were spread across three sites. A common space in the middle of the two-storey building serves as a creative area where ideas and concepts are developed and then worked on further in the surrounding offices. The reduction to few materials allows for an economical construction method, while the building materials reflect the companyʹs principle field of activity. The interweaving of expertise and interdisciplinary work also shows in the façade. 92 slightly sloping, pre-fabricated exposed concrete units interlock with each other like a zip fastening, creating different effects depending on the level of light. Large-format glazing brings light into the building and provides a high level of transparency.


Office building Olker engineers
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