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Office Building at the Sapporobogen

Munich, Germany

Short information

Building category
Office and Business
Windows, Façades, Security
AWS 75.SI, FW 50+.HI
Munich, Germany
Maier Neuberger Partner
Wölz Stahl- & Metallbau GmbH & Co. KG


Project details

Object description

The office building at Sapporobogen 6–8 is west of the Olympic Park. Located on the „Mittlerer Ring“, it is easy to reach by car, near a tram station, and only ten minutes by bike from central Munich. With its twelve stories, the tower is visible from far away. From the upper stories of the building, one has a few of the complex on the Olympic grounds, and when there are „foehn“ winds, one can even enjoy an Alpine panorama. The approximately 27,000 m2 large office building was erected in 1973 and has been refurbished and converted several times since. During the renovation in 1999, the façade was made to look considerably leaner. Using a silver Schüco aluminum curtain wall façade, W. Seunig emphasized vertical building components. The building seems to taper higher up. This effect is heightened by dark-colored, set-back window units. Visitors enter the building via the representative main entrance with a widely projecting steel and glass canopy. The interior of the twelve stories of the Sapporobogen were refurbished and redesigned in 2010 by Maier Neuberger Projekte. The ground floor contains the central lobby and conference rooms; the stories above are used for offices. Each floor can be divided into a maximum of three rental units. With axial dimensions of 1.44 meters, the stories can be adjusted for all current office concepts. A hollow floor enables cables to be laid individually and permits a flexible, mobile work environment. During the reconstruction a recessed storey was added to the attic, accommodating offices and conference rooms. From the attic, the new floor-to-ceiling Schüco glass façade affords spectacular views of the entire city of Munich.


Office Building at the Sapporobogen
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