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FACID – The flexible façade

Functional with extraordinary design freedom

FACID textile façades combine the benefits of a suspended, rear-ventilated façade with almost unlimited design freedom and a high degree of flexibility. In terms of function, they are suitable for use as effective weather protection, screening and sun shading, without significantly impairing the view to the outside. From a design point of view, they fulfil every possible requirement. From two and three-dimensional shapes, to individually printed fabrics and lighting effects that play with the special transparency of the textile façade – anything is possible.

There are also economic benefits of the FACID textile façade when it comes to the life cycle of the building. The construction and the fabric are long-lasting, tensioning with the innovative flexholder system is secure and maintenance costs are low. FACID textile façades are also highly adaptable. When the building use or design requirements change, the fabric can be easily replaced without the substructure having to be rebuilt.


Based on the unique, patented FACID clamping system with impressive benefits for design and construction


Individual formats, free choice of installation direction and a high degree of design freedom for two and three-dimensional textile façades


Virtually unlimited design options through form, colour, individually printed fabric, 3D design or illumination


Long-lasting with low costs throughout the lifecycle of the building; easy adaptation of the corporate architecture due to simple replacement of the fabric


Effective weather protection, screening and sun shading with excellent views to the outside

Impressive solution for extraordinary façades

FACID textile façades have sophisticated system technology with the proven Schüco quality and impressive benefits for architects, investors and fabricators. They enable unusual, adaptable façade concepts to be created, with which buildings can be marketed in a more attractive way and used more sustainably and economically across the entire lifecycle – an intelligent solution to the growing requirements placed on the corporate architecture of buildings.

  • Photo: Mark Wohlrab
  • Photo: Mark Wohlrab
  • Photo: Mark Wohlrab
  • Photo: Mark Wohlrab
  • Photo: Mark Wohlrab
  • Xero Wellington © Insol Ltd.

Investment security

  • Individual and flexible in the economic lifecycle of the building: the fabric can be easily replaced if a change of use, design or corporate architecture requires it.
  • Energy efficiency benefits: solar heat gain reduced by up to 70% for covered window areas, considerably lower cooling loads and improved indoor climate with excellent views to the outside.
  • Durable and sustainable: low follow-up costs throughout the entire building lifecycle; all materials can be recycled by type after use.

Design benefits

  • Free choice of installation direction; units can be covered or moved for free areas and window areas; easy creation of extraordinary 3D constructions.
  • Wide-ranging design options: coloured or individually printed fabric, use of transparency effects, illumination and projections.

  • Easy combination of existing and newly built structures in a new, collective exterior architecture.

  • Globally tried-and-tested FACID clamping system with maximum functionality and a long service life at an attractive price.

  • As a suspended, rear-ventilated façade or adapted textile façade, it fulfils all of the relevant standards and can be specified as a system.

  • © Insol Ltd
  • Fabric ©EPS Systems

Fabrication benefits

  • Optimum planning and calculation due to the system range with innovative components.
  • Excellent design with Schüco quality.
  • Fast, reliable installation without expensive special tools or machinery.
  • Perfect, long-lasting clamping of the fabric right up to the corners and attachments.
  • Project-related consultancy and design support, as well as an installation supervisor and personal training with certification if required.


  • Can be fully reversed or reversed in parts without disruption to operations.
  • Complex façade scaffolding can be avoided with the use of moving work platforms.
  • Easy-to-use and biologically degradable cleaning products are available.
  • Profile ©EPS Systems
  • ©EPS Systems

FACID Silence

Textile-covered FACID modules can enhance the appearance of opaque areas in façades while also contributing to sound reduction. In conjunction with the pore structure of the fabric, an internal absorber unit reduces the sound reflection. FACID Silence absorbs up to 80% of the incoming sound and thereby reduces the perceived level of noise.

FACID Freestyle

The FACID Freestyle textile façade enables vast façade areas to be covered with high rigidity. The malleability of the profiles in the longitudinal direction make it possible to create organic forms like those in a river. Exceptional functionality must be combined with an attractive, ideally unique appearance with a high recognition value.

  • ©EPS Systems

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