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State Criminal Agency

Munich, Germany

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Building category
Office and Business
FW 60+.HI
Munich, Germany
Bornschlegel & Kurth Architekten
Pröckl GmbH


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The barracks building erected on Barbarastrasse in 1936 was part of the Barackenkasernement Oberwiesenfeld, which stretches between Loth-, Hess-, Barbara- and Infanteriestrasse. After the Second World War, the building on Barbarastrasse was used by the police administration. In the year 2000, the Bavarian State Criminal Agency took over the complex. Due to a need for more space in the agency, the architects decided to remove the unfinished, steep hipped roofs and to heighten the building by adding a two-story steel construction. 2.500 m² were added, and now the State Criminal Agency has around 9.100 m² of space. The main building was heightened using a lightweight construction. To avoid the problem of overheating, ceilings with cooling elements were installed and greenery added to the flat roofs. A photovoltaic system was installed on the roof. The two new stories were executed as transom and mullion façades with a steel mounting frame. The insert units, glass windows, and fixed glazing, as well as the panels from the Schüco FW 60+.HI system, are light gray and have a filigree design so that they contrast with the massive existing building with its plastered perforated façade. Due to the allglass corners and continuous solar shading with projecting gratings, the heightening has a visual lightness. The two main buildings were linked by means of a two-story, longitudinal connecting structure. The façade, which features a Schüco transom and mullion construction in an F30 design, has a strong horizontal structure with oval cover strips. The top-hung windows are operated electrically.


State Criminal Agency
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