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Schüco Door ADS 90.SI SimplySmart Design Edition

Schüco Door ADS 90.SI SimplySmart Design Edition door for the highest requirements in terms of form and function

The Schüco ADS 90.SI SimplySmart Design Edition represents the highest design standards – with an illuminated flush pull grip which is integrated into the door leaf profile as a special feature

The attractive front door makes a stylish statement in the entrance area of the home. As a door solution with leaf-enclosing infills on both sides, it combines the benefits of the Schüco ADS SimplySmart system platform in terms of energy efficiency, structural design and simplified fabrication with sophisticated design elements.

With Schüco ADS 90.SI SimplySmart, Schüco is showcasing the concept of a façade-integrated door as an attractive design solution for the first time at BAU 2017. The outward-opening feature door blends seamlessly into the appearance of the façade due to its concealed outer frame. The most impressive aspect is the frameless, streamlined look, as the door infill and the façade glazing run in a single plane.

The flush pull grip of the Schüco ADS SimplySmart Design Edition is integrated into the standard profile geometry and, together with the leaf-enclosing infill, offers a flush-fitted appearance combined with a high level of stability. Indirect, energy-saving LED illumination accentuates the handle as a design feature, above all in darker lighting conditions. The LED light strips are used on the inside of the handle and are sealed seamlessly by means of a cover strip. The flush pull grip with its optimised shape features pleasant handling and uniform illumination.

The strengths of the Schüco SimplySmart technology become particularly apparent during fabrication. The flush pull grip is attached simply by means of T-cleats. Top and bottom profile cover caps are used for a high-quality transition.

  • Fully profile-integrated aluminium door pull with indirect lighting as a high-quality design feature and excellent stability
  • Combination and integration of the Schüco modular system, for example with the full, flush-fitted integration of the Schüco Door Control System (DCS)
  • Double, continuous centre gasket for outstanding thermal insulation and airtightness properties: Uf Values to 1.4 W/(m²K)


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